What Kind of IT Jobs Can You Get with IT 十博客户端网站?

Each 十博体育客户端 IT certification validates the skills needed for certain IT jobs. Whether you’re wondering where to start in information technology or you’re already an IT pro, see which jobs you could have with 十博体育客户端 certifications. 点击 through to learn more about what each job entails and how to get there, from entry-level to advanced IT roles. Plot out your next move with 十博体育客户端 on our IT career roadmap.

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Proves IT pros can perform critical IT support tasks in the moment

十博体育客户端 安全+ security administrator

十博体育客户端 安全+

Validates the baseline skills needed for core security functions

Get 十博体育客户端 安全+
十博体育客户端服务器+ Server Admin


Validates the skills needed to work on server technologies

Get 十博体育客户端服务器+
十博体育客户端Linux + web administrator

十博体育客户端Linux +

Validates the skills needed to support Linux systems

Get 十博体育客户端Linux +
十博体育客户端CySA + cybersecurity analyst

十博体育客户端CySA +

Applies behavioral analytics to prevent, detect and combat cyber threats

得到十博体育客户端CySA +
十博体育客户端PenTest + penetration tester

十博体育客户端PenTest +

Assesses skills for determining network resiliency against cyberattacks

Get 十博体育客户端PenTest +
十博体育客户端 CASP + Security Engineer


Validates advanced-level risk management and enterprise cybersecurity

得到的CASP +
十博体育客户端项目+ Project Manager


Covers essential project management concepts from multiple frameworks

Get 十博体育客户端项目+
十博体育客户端 Cloud Essentials 业务分析师

十博体育客户端 Cloud Essentials+

Validates an understanding of the components of a cloud assessment

  • 业务分析师
  • Business Development Manager
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) Personnel
  • Technical Support Staff
Get Cloud Essentials+
十博体育客户端CTT + Technical Trainer

十博体育客户端CTT +

Validates the skills needed to teach in traditional and virtual classrooms

十博体育客户端CTT +

Plot out your next move with 十博体育客户端 on our career roadmap.